Our History and Future Plans:

It starts back in 1992 when Rob Greenlaw and Connie Greenlaw got married and built a beautiful Lindwood home on fifty acres in Brentwood, Ontario. They both work 60 hours a week and on their spare time they raced hare scrambles and motocross races. Rob’s hobby was to own heavy equipment and build a motocross track in his back yard and that is what he just did. Over the years they had friends and family come and ride at their track and had it insured with the CMA. In 2001 they went to their township to see if they can hold a race. This is where the political battle starts. The township wanted to have the Greenlaw’s rezone the property.

Greenlaw’s decided if they were going to rezone the property they wanted to be able to rezone property that will be open  to the public and have a big impact on the future of off-road riding in southern/central Ontario. The Greenlaw’s started to look for the right piece of property that will cater to all types of off-road vehicles. They spent some time looking at about 6000 acres before they found the 1000 acres in Burnt River, Ontario. The property was perfect as it covered all the three major concerns, noise, environmental issues and traffic. The Greenlaw purchase the property in 2002 and submitted an application to rezone 500 acres. The City of Kawartha Lakes had two public meetings to have the public to address their concerns and the major concern was noise. The Greenlaw hired Areocoustics to conduct a worst case scenario noise study to make sure that the noise will meet Ministry of Environment guidelines at the neighbor’s reception. The noise study passes all receptors. Greenlaw’s had a delay when re-election came in 2003 and they had to start dealing with a city new council. Council recommended a license and a site plan be implemented to the zoning. When said and done Greenlaw’s finally got all approval’s to operate and off-road vehicle facility in the Spring of 2005.

They opened April 30 th. 2005 and the “Dream” became a reality and all the time and financial efforts of opening a facility of this type where behind the Greenlaw’s. They are dedicated to the preservation of off-road and motocross riding in Southern and Central Ontario.

Immediate plans are to complete the motocross race course with the addition of the new Supercross section of the track which is scheduled to open the June 18 th. 2005 weekend of the track before finishing the start finish loop. The track to date consists of approximately 1400 truck-loads of screened clay based soil.

After completing the motocross track, work will begin on a purpose built ATV race course specifically designed for ATV racing and snow-cross in the winter months.

An off-road trail system is being planned and will be cleared in the next couple of months.

Other work in progress is the completion of the new driveway entrance which will cut down a large amount to the drive time to the facility from the Ledge Hill Road entrance. This road will be a large graveled base similar to the entrance section currently being used from the Ledge Hill Road entrance.


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